In this interview, I chat with my friend, Teri Burrell.  Teri is a single mom and founder of Unconditional Love Ministries (“ULM”).  ULM is a ministry to strippers and women involved in the sex industry.

We talk about her life as a mom.  She is teaching her 7-yr-old son, Jalen, to be a Godly young man—to respect women and protect his innocence.

She talks about her adolescence and early adulthood—searching for acceptance, unconditional love, and the “glamor” of the night life.  Her misinformed choices brought her into a life that few escape – stripping, drugs, and alcohol.  After trying to escape the first time from this harmful life, a friend told her:

“Once a Stripper, Always a Stripper.” 

Check out her story.

Unconditional Love Ministries’ Facebook Page
@TeriBurrell on Twitter
@Ulm429 on Twitter

You can give monetarily by visiting the429/ULM donation page.

Help her and her team of Godly women bring HIS light into some of the darkest places you can imagine.

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