It really is the simple things that make life special.  My husband and I had a whim to make the 9th of every month Kissy Day.  Every family member (pets, too) on the 9th every month gets nearly attacked with sweet little kisses.  We have been doing it for probably a decade now (maybe more) without fail.  Then, when our little blessings came along, it became even more fun.  The best part is setting a reminder on our digital calendar and seeing who can beat the other to the first barrage of kisses.

Now, this may seem a little too PDA for you and yours, but we’re just those kind of people.  I’m not saying you’ve gotta have a Kissy Day.  An official Clothes-Inside-Out Day maybe?

We also have Dancy Day on the 23rd of every month.  It originated as a way to celebrate the Twins’ monthly birthdays in those first two years.  We made a little diddy that goes like this:

Dancy Day

Gonna dance all our cares away

A little dance makes everything okay

This is Dancy Day!

You can make the most common days special.  I mean, if there is an International Bacon Day (the Saturday before Labor Day annually), then there can be a…

  • Dancy Day
  • Kissy Day
  • Huggy Day
  • Pajama Day
  • No-Homework Day
  • Eat Naked Day (I suggest refraining from hot beverages)
  • Whatever-You-Want Day

Whatever you DO choose to celebrate (and how…there is no judgement here), make it a tradition by doing it monthly or annually.  It’s the easiest thing to make a family holiday.  You don’t have to rely on Hallmark to dictate your calendar.

Got any fun days that your family celebrates?  It just might spark an idea for someone else.  By all means, share it with us.  I’ve got a whole year of calendar days I want to make special for my family!

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