In this interview, I chat with one of my best friends, Jennifer Foster.  Jennifer is a mom of three beautiful daughters and co-pastor of The429 alongside her husband, Jeremy Foster.  The429 is a church for young adults in Houston, TX.  She speaks at women’s events and marriage seminars across the country.

[UPDATE:  Since the filming of this interview, Jennifer & her husband, Jeremy, have planted a booming church in Houston, TX.  You can see them speak at live streaming at on Sundays mornings (archived podcasts are available at the same link).  They have also had their first little boy, Jackson.]

Here she shares about being molested as a young child and the effects it had on her adolescence, marriage, and motherhood.  This Blessed Mom is a shining example of God’s healing power to those who are helpless victims of sexual and physical abuse.

“I’m almost thankful for my experiences even though they were terrible.  I know now what to look out for and how to raise my daughters.”

Check out her story.

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
(her favorite children’s book that she has read to all of her children)

Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible and The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond
(her favorite chefs and their cookbooks)

@jennylfoster on Twitter

If you have been sexually or physically abused as a child or adolescent, you can begin the healing too.  Reach out to God, seek the help of a trusted friend, and seek the help of a qualified Christian Counselor with a license to help childhood or adolescent molestation and sexual abuse.  You owe it to yourself and your treasured relationships to live a whole and abundant life.


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Melodee Forbes
Melodee Forbes

I love how Jennifer is just as real in this video, as she is in person. I had no idea she had been through that much tragedy and trial, but it's awesome to see God's grace and how He truly brought her out and made her whole. On a side note, my parents were considered, "over-protective" they wouldn't even let us go over certain family member's houses. I didn't understand then, but I'm so grateful now. Keep your high standards, every child deserves a safe, healthy environment full of joy, peace, and love. It's a parent's job to protect and nourish it! Thanks for this great interview, Hevyn, I'm not a momma but it blessed me.

Hevyn Allen
Hevyn Allen

Thanks for the kind words, Melodee. Yes, I agree. Jennifer is very real. What you see is what you get. THAT is and always has been why I am blessed to call her friend. Thankfully, my own parents were "over-protective" too. Some things we should never relax on as Christians...our legacy. Keep commenting and visiting! Share posts with those you know who need it. You don't have to be a mom to gain or share insight here!


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